Do you have an angry teenager?

The Angry Teenager - Keeping The Lines Of Communication Open And Learning To Listen

Author: Robert William Locke

If you take a moment to look at what is going on with the angry teenager in your household, you come up against pretty daunting changes which are really testing his limits and yours! There are the bodily changes, hormonal storms, peer pressure, academic stress and a desire to test out new freedoms and become independent at last. There is a great impetus to break away from the irksome parental control which he or she has had to put up with for the last fifteen years or so.

The angry teenager is still seething and erupts at the slightest provocation. The banging of doors, the sullen and sulky silences and an overall unwillingness to even talk to you, the bewildered parent. Here are some suggestions to help you and him to get out of the wilderness.

Strangely enough, the first thing that parents should try to do is to open the lines of communication although that may seem difficult when doors are being slammed. However there will be calmer moments and that is a great chance to let them talk and tell you a few things. All we have to do is just listen. That will make a nice change from lecturing, nagging and warning!

I know some parents who always advocate a cooling off period and winding down time as soon as they get home which applies to everybody in the family. There is no talking or arguing or any discussion at all for at least half an hour.

That gives the angry teenager and yourself time to change and begin to adjust to coming home again. Other parents I knew were just dreading going home because they knew they would be picked on as soon as they walked in the door.

Once the lines of communication are open you can try and establish what is hurting or frustrating your teen and why he is reacting like this. Talk about how he feels, his reactions and then ask if there are other ways he can deal with this very strong emotion which is understandable but which is creating enormous difficulties within the family unit. Hopefully, that will make him reflect and he may react differently the next time with a calmer reaction.

These are just two or three ways we can approach the angry teenager. The whole set of strategies is set out in a home study course on child behavior modification. The emphasis is on giving the teenager coping skills for life and helping him to be accountable and to take responsibility for all his actions.

As this study at home course will save you hundreds of dollars in consultant's fees, it really does make sense to consider using this when you are faced with defiant and angry kids. I know parents who have followed these strategies and were amazed when they got results that they had never dreamed possible.

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