Anxiety Symptoms

Most everyone has suffered anxiety symptoms at some time in their life. Some people have mild anxiety, as others have pretty severe attacks. Knowing what the symptoms are is the first step to being able to control them and keeping the attacks from turning into something serious.

There are over 100 symptoms of anxiety, but listed below are a few of the most common ones:

*Chest pains or tightness in the chest

*Chronic Fatigue, exhaustion, extremely tired, feeling worn out and unmotivated

*Body aches, sore achy muscles,feeling bruised and beat up for no apparent reason


*Feeling out of place, not normal, like your in a different world and you don't belong

*Racing heart, sometimes it beats so hard and fast you swear you can hear it

*Nervous energy


*Body numbness

*Shooting pains throughout your head and neck

*Sore or tight muscles

*Jittery, shakey, trembling

*Chest pain

*Fear of being in public, have a hard time breathing in public places


*Constant fear

*Negative attitude

*Restless nights, can't sleep, mind seems to race with a million thoughts

*Fear of failure


*Depressed, can't point your finger on why you feel that way

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