Back To School

Getting ready for "back to school" can be a difficult time for parents as well as students.

We worry about supplies, getting the kids back and forth, where they are going to go after school. Juggling work, sports, birthday parties ect...The list goes on... It's so stressful we often ask ourselves, "how do we do it all?" or "how do other people do it?"

Sometimes our children stress more than we do. Imagine what they are going through. Is your child one of those kids that gets bullied every year? The stress they must go through worrying if this year is gonna be different.

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Maybe your child just stresses about their grades and keeping up with the piles of homework. What if it's sports they're worried about? They wanna try out, but they don't know if they should. They wanna fit in, but are too scared to try. They wanna do something they've always wanted to do, but are afraid they won't be good enough.

What if their grades are keeping them from accomplishing their dreams? What if it's that one kid that's been threatening them? What if it's a teacher they're scared of, or a coach? What if they just flat out hate school?

There are things we can do to help balance everything out. There are tons of resources and there are other people that have "been there." You're not alone! There are ways to understand what your child is going through, and ways to get them through the "back to school," anxiety.

For some great tips to help your child handle separation anxiety as the school year begins click here!

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