Camping With Kids

Camping with kids doesn't have to be stressful or overwhelming. If you plan ahead and let the kids get involed it will go a lot smoother than you could ever imagine.

Why camping is good for the entire family:

*First of all, it's a great bonding experience! Getting the kids away from the tv and video games will help them to open up and converse. You may learn a thing or two about your children that you didn't know before; like some hobbies or interests, or maybe even their favorite band or a crush they have in school.

*Fresh air makes everyone feel better. It's not good to be cooped up in the house all the time. Fresh air tends to naturally give you energy and motivation. You can relax and think more clearly.

*Although camping is meant to be relaxing, it is also good exercise. And believe it or not, exercise can be relaxing. Going for walks, looking for firewood, swimming or other camping activities is all exercise. And best of all, you're getting in shape without even realizing it! And it's fun!

*Camping with kids is a great way for everyone to break away from the normal everyday routine. It's healthy to do something different, to stray away from the day to day routine.

*You get to See and learn new things. Experience nature at its best. Enjoy the beauty it has to offer.

*Most campgrounds have parks. Your kids, and you, may make new friends. You may meet some interesting people with the same interests as you. You can invite some new friends to your campsite for a night of scarry stories and smores. Or let the kids do that while the parents play some cards and laugh a little.

Things to do while camping:

Camp chores are a great way for kids to learn responsibility and bond with their family members. Let them help cook meals, get some fire wood, look for sticks etc ... Kids actually enjoy doing these chores and they learn a new appreciation they can take home with them.

Go on trail walks. Make it fun. Try collecting winter greens and huckelberries. Use the huckelberries for some yummy breakfast pancakes or pie desserts over the campfire.

Have a scavenger hunt. Write out a list of things the kids need to find, like leaves, heart shaped stones, deer tracks, pop cans etc ... Be creative with it!

When it gets dark and everyone is relaxing in front of the campfire, tell a spooky story. Let the kids have a turn making up one of their own.

Fishing is always good when camping.

Swimming is a great way to cool off during a hot day.

Go on a picnic. Grab a blanket and sandwhich foods and find a nice shady place. Maybe near a park, so the kids can play.

Bring a book that has to do with camping and read it to the kids while their cooking up their smores. Since they are camping, they might be interested in learning a little about it.

Start a journal. Pass it around and let everyone write their favorite moment on the last day. Take a photo and paste it on that page.

Cooking Ideas:

Most retail stores have appliances that can be used over a campfire or grill. apple, cherry or blueberry pies


hot dogs

hot chocolate/ coffee

toast, eggs, sausage, bacon and orange juice

english muffin pizzas

huckelberry pancakes

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Tips to prepare for your camping trip:

Let the kids get involved. It makes them feel important and gets them excited about the trip.

Let them bring a few of their favorite toys, so they feel comfortable.

Bring extra trash bags. Keeping the trash cleaned up and tucked away helps the campsite to seem clean and organized. Clutter creates confusion and anxiety, especially when camping.

Stay organized with storage totes. Label the totes and make sure the kids keep the right stuff in the right totes. There's nothing wrong with a little structure, even when camping.

Bring plenty of blankets. Sometimes the nights can get colder than expected and it's better to have too many than not enough. No one likes to make a late night trip to the store when trying to relax.

Bug spray is a must. You don't want to be miserable when your trying to have fun!

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