Child Safety

Child Safety should start at an early age. It's our responsibility as parents to start child safety the day our babies come home from the hospital. There are things you can do to get ready for when your child starts exploring.


Baby gates: Put them in all areas you think might be a danger zone for your child. Stairways, rooms under construction, the kitchen while your cooking. You may have more places to put them, but these are just a few ideas. Baby gates are cheap and can be found at most retail stores.

Outlet covers: Make sure to cover those outlets. Babies are curious and love to stick things in them. It's almost the first place they go to while exploring.

Cuppboard locks: Lock those kitchen cuppboards. Sometimes we forget what we store away and it's just safer to keep those babies out. Most cuppboard locks come in packages and can be found in retail stores such as walmart and target.

Put chemicals in a high place: Why take the chance? Putting the chemicals high will keep them out of site and out of mind.

Crawl on the floor: Get down to your child's level. I did this and was amazed at the things I overlooked. Crawl around and see what your child sees. If it's in their reach, they'll grab it! And most of the time, they try to eat it.

Keep the toys safe: Toys that are safe for a toddler may not be safe for a baby. Check the age on the package before you buy it. Toys like hot wheels and certain dolls have small parts that a baby can get in their mouth and choke on.

Child Safety Should Start Earlly


Lock your refridgerator: Kids are curious and sometimes get up in the middle of the night for a snack. You don't want them to get something they can choke on, or make an art sculpture in the middle of your floor out of catsup. (My first son did that) You can find cheap fridgerator locks at walmart. Don't feel like you're being mean. It's better to be safe then sorry.

Teach your child about road safety: Wearing a helmet while riding a bike, looking before they cross the street. There are tons of children's books about this topic. It's a great thing to read to your child at night while tucking them in.

Talk to your child about strangers: Let them know that not all strangers are nice even if they seem to be. Discourage them from wanting to walk up to just anyone.

Make sure they know the yard rules: Set rules for your yard. Show them where they are allowed to play and where they shouldn't be. Kids try to push the limits, so don't feel bad if you have to punish them for breaking the rules. It's for their own safety. Tell them the rules before they go outside and make them repeat them back to you. Tell them the consequences of breaking those rules before they even go out.


Be cautious of your child's friends/parents: At this age many tweens start staying at their friend's house. Make sure you meet the other parents ahead of time. Go to their house and natulauntly glance around. Talk to their parents and get a feel for their personality. When your child comes back home, get the low down. Do they seem excited and happy? or do they seem sad? Talk to them and find out what they did and if they had fun. Make sure to not drill them, or they won't want to talk to you. Keep an eye on your child's mood as soon as you pick them up, or they get dropped back off at home. If they want to go back to that friends house, see if they act the same the second time around.

Talk to your child about peer pressure: It's important to start this now, if not sooner. This is the time your child needs to know it's ok to say no. They need to know they're special the way they are and don't need to due stupid things to fit in.

Watch the way your child dresses: So many young kids are trying to look older than they really are. Wearing make-up and short skirts. They can be fashionable without overstepping the boundaries. Take them to pick out their clothes so they're excited about wearing them. Limit the amout of make-up they wear, if any. Decide on an appropriate age and let your child know when it's ok.

For some great parenting information, I recommend you take a look at Parenting Advice There you will find some great tips and advice to help get you through the day.

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It's Never Too Late For A Little Child Safety!

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