Daily Stress

by Lynn

I have anxiety just about every day. I want more than anything in this world to be a stay at home mom. I work a job that I really don't care for and barely make a living doing it. Sometimes I miss out on things at my kids school and it makes me feel horrible. I wonder if it's even worth it sometimes to work and be miserable while missing out on things with my kids. I have joint custody, so I don't have my children everyday. When they are with me and I have to work all day I am filled with so much guilt. I try to make individual dates with my kids on the weeks they are at their dad's, so we can catch up, but it's hard to do sometimes when I'm always broke. I can't afford the gas to drive back and forth. I want to give them so much more and I can't. I have anxiety sometimes wondering if they know how much I really do try.

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