Eating Disorders

Teenagers are more prone to eating disorders than any other age group. Almost all cases are females with males less that 10%. According to some studies, 5-7% of women in the US will suffer from this illness at some time in their lives.

Children grow up in a society where the media is constantly focusing on being thin. The media puts messages into our heads every day about our bodies looking a certain way. Most people with eating disorders think it's normal and don't realize they have a problem. That is because they don't know a lot about them. They can't see themselves the way the rest of the world does. If a child sees their parents go on a diet and obsess about their weight, the chances of them doing the same are very good.

People with eating disorders tend to be secretive. They may seem withdrawn or depressed. They usually start out by making comments about being fat. Eventually, they'll start picking at their food. It is very difficult for people to admit they have a problem with food.

Eating disorders are diseases that can range from starving themselves to overeating. Anorexia and Bulimia are a couple of them. These diseases are really not about food, but lie much deeper. They normally are accompanied by another mental disorder such as substance abuse, depression, anxiety or panic disorders. The victim may be desperately seeking approval or acceptance. Girls tend to feel desired if they are thin. There are many factors that can pave the way to these very serious illnesses.

If you are silently suffering from an eating disorder, you should know that it is physically and emotionally destructive. But you should alwo know you can fully recover from this illness if you do something about it. Seek help before it gets too serious and eventually life threatening. Psychological counseling and psychotherapy will address both the eating disorder and the forces that contribut to it. Don't be embarrassed to talk to someone about the way you feel and what you're going through. You're not alone!

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