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Author: Veronica Scott

Nothing is more fun and exciting than getting together with family on a Friday night and having a great time. Order a pizza, pick up some pop and a movie, and settle in for a great evening of family activity! There are countless options that can make for a wonderful family fun night, too. Let the kids pick an activity for a change or schedule it so that a different family member gets to pick the activity for each different family fun night.

There are several things you can do to ensure that family fun time goes off without a hitch and becomes a planned activity for the whole family, each and every week. The first thing you need to do to accomplish this is to plan for it, of course.

Plan Ahead

Most people have extremely busy lives and are juggling soccer practice with piano lessons and homework. For today's busiest families, the prospect of family fun time might seem like a distant fantasy instead of a reality. With a little bit of planning and dedication to family, however, family fun night can become a reality and can be a functioning part of your family's schedule. The first step to making this happen is setting aside some time for it.

Set aside a weekend night, preferably. Family fun nights work best on Friday nights or Saturday nights, as most people are home from their work week and their school week. Kids and adults alike are ready to unwind and relax for the weekend, making Fridays the ideal night for ordering takeout and playing board games.

Setting aside one night a week is a good first step, but that night needs to be effectively reserved for family fun night. Yes, there will be scheduling conflicts and there will be situations that will come up and interfere with family fun night. Treat family fun night like it is the most important part of the schedule because, in many ways, it is. Schedule time with friends, piano lessons, karate practice, and other events around family fun time and make your family's time together a top priority in your weekly planning.

Get Creative

There are several activities that you can plan for family fun night. Sometimes the activity may be simple, like pizza and a great movie. Other times, you may plan something a touch more intricate, like rock climbing or miniature golf. Regardless of the planning, it is important to ensure that each family member has a say in the activity. For this reason, scheduling the "activities coordinator" is a great idea. Let your son pick the activity for the upcoming family fun night, followed by your daughter's plans for the following week and your husband's plans for the week after that. Scheduling the planning process gets everyone involved.

Family activities can be anything from watching a movie to putting together a dollhouse or building something cool. The sky is the limit in terms of ideas for family fun, so get creative and involve the whole family in putting aside great family time!

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