Family Life Resources

Family Life Resources is a page with links that are displayed throughout our pages. We placed them here for your convenience. We have everything from domestic violence, missing children, single parents, outreach programs, to just about anything you may be looking for. Just find the link that suits your needs and click away.

DOVE Dignity of Victims Everywhere
A Victim Outreach and Resource Organization for Victims of Violent Crimes; homicide, rape, domestic violence.

For Youth Development
For Healthy Living
For Social Responsibility

Big Brothers Big Sisters
We help children realize their potential and build their futures. We nurture children and strengthen communities.

BullyBust is designed to help students and adults become “upstanders”—people who stand up to bullying and become part of the solution to end harmful harassment, teasing, and violence in our nation's schools.
Get Educated > Step Up & Speak Out > Stop Bullying & Prevent Bullycide

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