Fashion Trends For Todays Tweens

Fashion trends tend to change from year to year. Why not keep up on what's hot and what's not? Kids today, boys and girls, are getting creative with their accessories. They aren't afraid to try something new and share their ideas with others.

#1. Silly Bands:

Silly bands are a popular item today for tweens. It is a fashion trend that girls, as well as boys, love to trade with their friends. They come in tons of different shapes and you can buy them just about anywhere; the dollar store, Walmart, any retail store and even gas stations.

#2. Nail Polish:

The brighter and crazier, the better. Girls are creating their own designs with crazy colors, and not every nail has to look the same. Oranges and greens are a big hit.

#3. Fashion Jewelry:

From big clunky bracelets to double and tripple strand beads, accessorizing with inexpensive jewelry is the "in thing". You can find fun costume jewelry at any retail store, Walmart, dollar stores, and pretty much anywhere that sells accessories. It's fun, cheap, and you can turn any ordinary outfit into a fashion hit.

#4. Silly Hats:

Some silly hats are known as critter creatures. They are different types of animals or critters that you wear as a hat, well not literally, but they are cute and popular. Not only are critter creatures popular, but pretty much any crazy off the wall hat you can think of fits in today's category of fashion trends.

#5. Peace Signs:

From purses to backpacks, clothing and accessories, peace signs are a popular item for todays tweens. Almost any store you go into has something with peace signs on it.

#6. Scarves:

Girls are getting creative with scarves. They wear them in their hair, around their waste as a belt, or just as a regular scarf. They are collecting them by the dozens, making sure to have a collection of different colors and designs. They even trade them with their friends. They are a cheap accessory and look great with everything!

#7. Skinny Jeans:

Skinny jeans are back and more popular than ever before. Boys and girls today are wearing them. Some wear boots over them, others wear tennis shoes. No matter what type of shoe you decide to wear, they are a big hit with todays tweens.

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