I was a bully victim

by Dawn

I remember my school years. They were not the best years of my life. I know I could have graduated with honors but the depression I suffered from bullying had a negative effect. I got made fun of because I had bucked teeth, was underweight, and could not afford nice clothes. Science was my favorite topic except for the days we had to get into groups and do experiments. No one would let me in their group to work with them. I had to fight back the tears. During lunch hour I would not eat because no one wanted me to sit near them. I ended up with hypoglycemia. I am not sure if this could have been a factor. I remembered one day in class a girl was talking about the ugliest students in school. She stated my name. I was already insecure about my teeth and I also had an under developed jaw bone which caused a facial imbalance and would require surgery. So I got made fun of over that . I would cry all the time at home in private. I sometimes wished I could die but not by suicide. When I looked in the mirror I would see a homely person who would never succeed in life, get married, or have a family. God had a purpose for me because I somehow pulled through. I worked really hard and got my teeth straightened and my jaw surgery. I now hold 3 college degrees in which I have been on Dean's list and even Presidents list a couple of times, I got a nice job inhealthcare, a nice home and car. I am married with a beautiful son. I do not know how I made it. I still have the emotional scars from being bullied. There was so much more bullying that I sufferd from that I could write a book. Although I have a family and nice things. As a person I find that I criticize myself a lot. When I look in the mirror I focus more on my flaws instead of my good points. I really do not hang around with a lot of people. I also have social anxiety and am still insecure. And this is 20 years past high school. I still remember every mean word that was said to me and everytime I was pushed around.
You may get on with your life but the scars remain.
Bullying has very long and sometimes permanent effects. My heart goes out to those who are going through bullying. I encourage those who are suffering to not battle it alone like did,but to speak with someone and to get help in putting a stop to the situation.

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