Joint Custody

by Emma

I have joint custody of my kids. Dad has them from Sun to Sun, then I have them Sun to Sun. We have been alternating weeks for 4 years. The kids are sick and tired of driving back and forth all the time and my oldest now says he just wants to stay at dad's. He grew up there and I think that's where he's most comfortable. I'm afraid I'm losing him and he'll never talk to me again. He used to be a mama's boy and he's been drifting over the last 4 years, since my divorce. When they are with me, we are living at my boyfriend's house. How do I make my son more comfortable and want to be with me?

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Family Fun Night!
by: Holly

I never had kids of my own. But I have been in relationships where kids were involved. At first the children were shy around me and wasn't sure how to act. I always tried to make it a habit to have a family fun night. We would all agree with an activity such as board games, movie night, or even guitar hero! We did it as a family, we would all help prepare food and any other items we wanted for our night. It didn't take long for the kids to start laughing and playing! Before they knew it, they were having a blast and forgot that they were shy and uncomfortable. This became a weekly ritual that the whole family enjoyed and brought us all closer together. This is a great way to introduce your kids to your new significant other and help them see how much fun your new person can really be.

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