Kids Kicking Cancer

Kids Kicking Cancer

is a nonprofit organization that helps in patient, as well as out patient children who are fighting cancer. Children are taught to regain a sense of control over their lives, stop seeing themselves as a victim, but rather a victor, face life challenges and teach others to do the same.

KKC focuses its program through martial arts training. It strengthens the children physically while getting them in touch with their spiritaul self. It gives them the power and internal strength to be able to overcome their obstacles and deal with whatever challenges they face or challenges that lie ahead. This program teaches patients to emphasize on the things they can do, rather the things they cannot.

KKC offers the Little Heroes program for ages 2-5 years od, and weekly martial arts classes for patients and siblings, ages 6-22 years of age. They offer group and individual parent counseling and support, as well as sibling support programs. They have special family events so the entire family can come together as a whole and work together as a team.

The Heroes Circle is a great way for us to tell these sick children they have a purpose in life. It is also a grat way for us to learn from them and to conquer our won stresses. It creates a constant motivation and inspiration for them while they can see the numbers go up every time someone clicks on the site.

"The goal of KKC is to help children with serious diseases to heal, while empowering them physically, spiritually and emotionally."

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