Left-Over Swapping

by Holly Dyer
(Cookeville, TN)

Have you ever heard anyone in your family complain when you put left-overs on the table? I have! I heard, "oh man meatloaf again?" Or "didn't we already have that this week?" Well I have found one way to get the left-overs out of your fridge and onto the table without complaints. I call it the left-over swap. It's easy to do and saves money at the same time. Just call some friends and family members and trade in your left-overs for theirs. This way you get a variety of dinners without having to cook every night. This is perfect for single parents and families that are always on the go! It even cuts out the complaining when you put it on the table. Well at least most of the complaining! You probably will never get away from that one completely! We can always dream though!

I hope you find the left-over swap as fun and helpful as I do.

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