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Parents are so busy with life they seem to forget how a little lifestyle family fitness can benefit our families, physically and mentally. With families trying to juggle jobs, school, household and everyday stress, it's easy to fill those cupboards with junk and forget about staying healthy. I mean, we all mean well, but who has time for cooking and exercise. We want to spend more quality time with our families, so why go to the jym and take that time away.

The YMCA Is A Great Place For Families To Bond

The YMCA is a family oriented place that focuses on family lifestyle fitness. It's jammed packed with sports and activities that families can do together. The whole idea is to improve your quality of life, as an individual and as a family. They focus on making it affordable for everyone by providing different programs for payment. Once people sign up, they usually regret not doing it sooner.

Physical fitness can be achieved in many ways and it's something you can share with your loved ones. You'll be surprised at how much more productive your life will become. Pretty soon you won't want to get into those cupboards and grab that junk. You'll soon find healthy food to be appealing and you'll realize exercise can be fun.

Drop That Fast Food And Make Healthy Choices

There are tons of healthy recipes out there and many more that children love to get creative with. Sometimes children are more creative than us. My daughter comes up with some "off the wall recipes" that I actually find appealing. I often count on her for new and exciting ideas!

Click Here! for a Healthy Express cookbook, created by Erin Rogers. It contains 101 fresh, light and quick dinners. This book is a "must have" for every busy family pushing for time and looking for a way to eat healthy.

Get That Brain Working With Brain Game Night!

Brain games are an exciting thing to add to your lifestyle family fitness list. Kids love to do these and it's fun for parents too. You can do them with simple games or with simple recipes. Once you get a few ideas, the snowball will start rolling and your family can work together to make up new ones. Kids often want to dedicate at least one day a week on brain game night. It's fun for everyone!

Kids love playdough! Use simple tools from your cupboards and get that dough rolling. Using a roller and simple cookie cutters is good for a child's fine motor skills. They learn shapes and colors as well.

Why not make math fun with math board games. You can make up your own, using money as your markers. Kids can count the money while they play. When they have enough money they can buy a cookie from the cupboard, or a bowl of grapes. Get your kids together and let them help make the game rules. Let them help with planning out the playing board. It can be as simple or complicated as you want it to be.

If you need help with some math board games then Click Here! for "The Math Board Games Book". This book is very cheap and full of printable games you can do with your kids.

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Don't Forget That Cardio!

Cardio is an important element in making the most out of your quality of life. It is also something your family can do as a whole. It's important for our children to get that heart beating and that blood pumping.

Click Here! for 50 development activities for kids Ebook.

What You'll Find In This Ebook:

*Homemade Obstacle Courses Using Household Items

*Ball, Hoop and Other Co-ordination Activities

*Non-toxic Play Dough, Wholewheat Pizza Recipes, Healthy Toppings

*Potato Stamp Designs and Instructions

*Homemade Musical Instruments

*How To Design and Pull Off A Successful Treasure Hunt

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*Activities with Balloons, Bean Bags and Soft Toys

*Design Your Own Memory Cards, Animal Cards, Seasonal Cards

*Finger and Hand Painting, Placemats, Plus Other Creative Ideas

*Magnetic Fishing, Build Your Own Aquarium

*Beading, Theme Activities and Dress Up Games

*The Best Tried-and-tested Activities for Children's Development that you will find anywhere!

You'll be amazed at how adding a little lifestyle family fitness to your life can relieve stress. Stress is the number one disease in raising a healthy family, but it can be cured. Learning how to relieve that stress we go through everyday will improve your quality of life and bring your family closer together.

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