School Shopping Tips For Smart Back To School Shopping

You'll be surprised at how much time and money you'll save by following a few simple school shopping tips!

Don't wait till the last minute to get your school shopping done. If you shop throughout the year, you'll be surpised at how much you'll get done and more important, how much money you'll save!

Hit up the end of season clearance sales: Retail storespractically give stuff away so they can restock their inventory with up-to-date seasonal products. Most of the time you'll find it cheaper than you would at a thrift store.

Don't forget about the Winter stuff: It will be here before you know it! Toward the end of February through March, Winter stuff goes on clearance. You can buy coats, snowpants, boots, hats and gloves for a third of the price you would pay if you wait until the season begins.

Don't let them wear their stuff early: Not even once! It won't seem like new if they get to wear it early. They'll get bored of it and want more stuff. It doesn't hurt to let them get a little anxious over wearing a certain shirt or a pair of shoes. It gives them something to look forward to!

Let the kids go on a shopping trip with you: Especially if you're buying shoes. Then you can get the size a little big, so when the right season comes they have time to grow into them. Kids get more excited to wear things if they get to pick them out!

Buy things in bulk: Kids go through a lot of pencils, erasers and notepads. If you find them for a reasonable price, buy a bunch. There's nothing worse than your child telling you they're out of something the night before.

Make your list ahead of time: Let your children help. When they get into middle or high school, their needs change and you may not be up-to-date on it.

Most schools send out a note before school starts, but it's pretty basic. If you follow a few simple school shopping tips and start shopping ahead and shop smart, when the list comes you may only need to spend a few bucks on odds and ends that you forgot. Better yet, you may scratch everything off that list and not have to spend a dime!

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