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Help With Self Esteem - 3 Simple Ways To Conquer Shyness And Gain Confidence

Author: Hani Al-Qasem

Do you find you are shy and are in need of some help with self esteem? Do you find yourself sitting quietly listening to a conversation where you want to say something but are too shy and feel that you will be laughed it?

Many people across the world are shy, have low self esteem, yet they have learned to conquer their shyness by following and practising a few simple steps, steps that you can adopt into your life with ease.

When you overcome shyness and build your self esteem, you will also build your self confidence which, by itself, is a great by-product to have. Rather than waking up in the morning feeling down, defeated and overpowered by today's world, you can wake up feeling great about yourself, where you feel that powerful presence of high self esteem and self confidence.

You can triumph over shyness and low self esteem easily and effortlessly by following a few powerful and effective techniques. Here are 3 ways to rise above shyness and give you help with self esteem:

1. Upon awakening, remain in bed for a couple of minutes and be grateful that you are alive, be grateful for that warm bed you are lying in, that you can see and breathe effortlessly. Go through as many things you can be grateful for in 5 minutes, and then hop out of bed.

2. After leaping joyfully out of your bed, get yourself in front of your full length mirror and repeat this statement enthusiastically and out loud at least 20 times: "I love, accept and approve of myself." As you say it look into your eyes. Feel the emotions as you say that affirmation. If your low self esteem is surfacing as you repeat that statement, put on your cheesiest Hollywood smile and continue to repeat that statement until you feel better, and finish off with, "Yes, that's me!"

3. Purposefully engage in a conversation with anyone, preferably not a close friend. Perhaps someone you barely know at work, or someone who often sits by you on the train or bus, or someone you often see working in the same gym as you. Pluck up the courage and start a conversation. How? Ask a question. People like to talk about themselves more than you may think.

The key thing here is to feel great about yourself. It helps if you put on your favourite clothes, or those that make you feel better before going out of your home. That alone could raise you self esteem and reduce or eliminate your shyness as you will hold your head up high, wanting to reveal to the world that you look great and feel great in your clothes.

It all adds up. What a better way to conquer your shyness, help with self esteem and gain self confidence along the way.

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