Simple Steps to Self Help Motivation

Author: Alicia Lyttle

Have you been looking for resources for self help motivation? If you have found yourself bored with your day to day life or find that you have a lack of energy, then finding self help motivationmay be the answer for you. Finding motivation in your life will help you rediscover new ways to live it; and, once you discover how to motivate yourself, you’ll realize just how creative and exciting your life will become.

A friend of mine used to sit around his house on the computer all day. He shut himself off from the outside world in many ways. The more separate he felt, the less motivated he would feel to go out into the world and find ways to stimulate his brain. Needless to say, this became a self-fulfilling cycle. In the end, he felt hopeless and powerless.

What he didn’t understand was that the more he gave into his hopeless feeling, the more he distanced himself from opportunities in the world around him. If you’ve ever felt like that, then you should know that the best thing to break this cycle is to act against your first instinct.

Because you’ve patterned yourself into a certain behavior, the best way to motivate yourself and break that behavior is to behave in new and different ways. You can start small if that makes you feel comfortable. Break up the small habits and rituals in your life.

Once you behave in different ways, you’ll start to feel different things. You’ll start to find self help motivation to break the same old patterns in your life. You’ll discover that inside you is a person willing to take rewarding risks. Once these risks are rewarded, even though it may take time to find the new behaviors that are most successful for you, you’ll find yourself easily falling into these successful behavioral patterns.

Find gratitude in your small successes. Find hope in the ability to change in accordance with your will and desires. Be determined in pursuing your hopes and dreams. Every journey starts with a single step, so start small and work from there. But don’t be afraid to push your comfort zone at times, because that is how we learn to grow and thrive.

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